Who We Are

iT360 is here to help Kiwi companies run smoother, perform better and move faster. Kiwi companies just like yours. We’re a close-knit team of like-minded people, who strive to take the pain out of IT so our clients can focus on doing better business. Everything we do is built around people because we know that’s what it’s all about – people and how they can get the most out of technology.

The iT360 difference

Our values-value framework is made up of six pillars that we consider key to the way that we operate.


We are an important and genuine part of our client’s team.

Supportive and compassionate, we’re in the business of people not just machines. We care about the work that we do and this can be seen in the outcome of our work.


We’re not just a business. We are real people, just like our clients.

This is more than ‘just a job’. We find meaning in the work that we do and it’s fun. We value the people that we work for and appreciate the people we work with.

Experienced Professionals

We are proud of the family history that our company has. We’re built to last.

Our proven track-record allows us to be confident in our ability to deliver excellence. Knowledgeable and competent, we know that our clients can trust in our guidance.


Across the board, we value honesty, transparency and loyalty.

We are accountable for our actions and put our client’s best interests first. Masters of detail, the quality and care found in our work exceeds expectations.


Flexible problem solvers, we encourage an open culture of ideas and creativity.

Early adopters, we have the courage to welcome the new. Constantly investigating new technologies and better ways to do things. We don’t always follow strict methodology. We evolve with our clients working towards the best outcome.


We take a people-first approach across the board.

People and their connection with IT is the reason we’re here. We listen and take time to get to know our clients and their situation.

We work closely with them to find the best solutions. We examine problems from every angle and seek to understand the best roadmaps for successful outcomes.

Our Story

iT360 was formed in 1995 by one passionate IT guy. That spirit of independence, hard work and enthusiasm remains a part of iT360’s DNA. Vic’s very first client was Tasti products, who have gone on to become an iconic Kiwi brand. We are extremely proud to say that Tasti continues to be a valued client today.

At its heart, iT360 is a group of problem solvers.

We’re passionate about helping people and trying to nudge the world around us in a positive direction.

We’ve had the privilege to solve business challenges for some amazing Kiwi brands and companies – Electropar, Tasti Products, Clearlite, Intergroup, Odyssey House and Equip Mental Health, just to name a few – and be trusted by dozens of other small to medium sized businesses here in Auckland and New Zealand’s main centres.

We also understand the business side of the equation.

In today’s market, it’s not enough deliver fast computers or reliable servers, we also have to deliver a service that impacts the business positively.

We’ve helped companies save money, turned around disgruntled staff, given people better productivity tools, sped up operations and helped businesses experience growth through better services, innovation and initiatives.

From as early as I can remember, we have always had computers in my family and so starting a business was just a logical extension of what we love doing.

We’ve grown a heck of a lot since 1995 because of our work with countless other Kiwi businesses.

It’s always been about our valued clients and companies looking for an IT company that listens to their needs.

Your objectives, your challenges, your budget, your company culture. Our vision is to become your IT department so that you don’t have to have one. You could choose any number of IT companies to look after you. But we think if you work with us, you’ll experience something special.

We are transparent, honest, professional and focused.

When you work with iT360, it feels like you’re working with family – in all the best ways.

If you want a team who cares, that’s who we are. We’d love to work with you.

Dave Wilson, General Manager