Marine Intergroup
About This Project

The initial project

We were initially hired to replace their 3 aging servers, to migrate their mail to Office 365 for email, and resolve issues with their Internet (WAN). Not too long after we completed this we found ourselves involved in assisting with their acquisition of a division of Transpacific Industrial Services. This acquisition effectively doubled the size of the business overnight. This was a mammoth project that was delivered on time and on budget.

Intergroup IT Challenges

In response to what we had identified, we began the process of innovating Intergroup IT Infrastructure, providing them with the operational capabilities and environment that they needed to achieve their goals. IT360 were able to migrate Intergroup to a far more mobile and agile business productivity platform and as a consequence, see them grow and move forward with increased ease and less stress.

How we have partnered with Intergroup on going

Today we continue to work hand in hand with Intergroup navigating every new challenge and development as a team. We have been pleased to see Intergroup continue to grow with increased pace since our first interaction. They are supported completely by a partner that understands them and shares in their goals. The work that we do with Intergroup very much encapsulates our ethos as a business.

You run your business, we’ll take care of the IT